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Top 20 Highest Prizes in a Single Game in any Platform Lion King Games (Excluding Jackpot). (Every Month Renew)


1ST- RM 88,888.00
2ND- RM 30,000.00
3RD- RM 20,000.00
4TH- RM 10,000.00
5TH- RM 5,000.00
6TH- RM 5,000.00
7TH- RM 5,000.00
8TH- RM 3,000.00
9TH- RM 3,000.00
10TH TO 20TH- RM 1,000.00

Allow single account with multi ranking in Championship List. (For Example : Ranked 1ST & 2ND Winner, the rewards will be RM88,888 + RM30,000 = RM118,888.00

Winners List can viewed by

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Player who Hunt Treasure Box in Platform LION KING Twice and above will Win Extra Cash Reward. (Every Month Renew)

2 TIMES- RM 500.00
3 TIMES- RM 1,000.00
4 TIMES- RM 2,000.00
5 TIMES- RM 4,000.00
6 TIMES- RM 8,000.00
7 TIMES- RM 18,000.00
8 TIMES- RM 28,000.00
9 TIMES- RM 38,000.00
10 TIMES- RM 48,000.00
11 TIMES- RM 58,000.00
12 TIMES- RM 68,000.00

There will be no additional reward above 12 times.

Each account can only win one Extra Reward.

​The List of Winners can be viewed by

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